Why election signs are important

I have a goal to have at least 150 election signs go up across the city on August 22 (this is the first day we’re permitted to post signs).

In the past, I’ve encountered hesitation about posting election signs. The reasons vary. They’re ugly. They clutter up the lawn. No one pays attention to them anyway. Voting is a private decision that people don’t want to advertise. And so on.

Of course, I respect that people have opinions about how effective signs are and if they choose to erect them.

That said, signs are important – maybe more important for this election than they have been in a long time – to let people know that they have options. People typically vote based on name recognition. Sadly, not everyone who shows up to the polls is educated about the candidates.

Taking a sign for your lawn means you’re letting people know who you support and it may encourage people to ask why you’re supporting them, so they can get informed. It also lets people know there are options and that you trust the candidate enough or think enough of them that you’ll go so far as to advertise for them on your front lawn. Signs go a long way in building that name recognition that’s required by voters when they arrive at the polling stations to cast their votes.

Please consider showing your support for candidates by erecting their election signs in your yard.

Together, we can Reset the Region.

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