Laura Ip is always honest, always direct and she always puts herself on the line for what is right. She is the person who didn’t walk by a trio of homeless kids, but got directly and personally involved to shelter them and create awareness of the complexities and REALITIES of people’s difficult lives. There is no one I would rather see in a position of oversight on Niagara Regional Council than Laura Ip.
~ Kate Baggott

Laura Ip is a very concerned, intelligent, caring individual who would be, hands down, a great asset for us all when she is voted onto Regional Council.
~ Patricia Barnes-Milland

I used to live in this “bubble”, only focusing on my family. Never had an interest in what was going on in the community. Because it never affected us or at least that is how I felt for a long time. I believe it was around the time you were campaigning for the last election you started talking to me on Twitter. I probably thought at first “another politician looking for a vote”. Honestly, I don’t remember what exactly we talked about, I do remember not having your views pushed on me. Being treated as a person and not a vote. Because of your initial interaction, I wanted to take more interest in the community. Thank you! Thank you for opening my eyes. I will continue to support you in your new adventures and feel lucky to have gotten to know you.
~ Hilary Bowslaugh

As a long-time resident of St. Catharines, advocate/volunteer for local youth sports, and keen on delivery of essential services to the residents of Niagara, I was more than delighted to see Laura register for this term’s election.

In the time I’ve known Laura, she has dedicated much of her time to instilling her values, direction, and common sense attitude into the programs, services and volunteer programs she is involved in.

She’s always been devoted to her constituents, as was noted during her term on St. Catharines City Council. She has always spoken on our behalf, putting her political and personal gains aside for the betterment of the task at hand.

Laura’s vision for a better Niagara, willingness to work as a team, and devotion to the residents is sure to improve upon our current electoral filled seats.

I have no doubt, Laura will Reset the Region. My vote goes to her. I hope yours does as well.
~ Dwayne Christie

As a small business owner, I have supported Laura Ip in all of her endeavours and her run as regional councillor is no different. I support Laura because she fights for what’s right and she does it with integrity. Her experience includes, city councillor, local charity fundraiser, running her own business, and founding and running a non-profit, all of which Laura accomplished with determination and compassion. I cannot think of a person better suited to Reset the Region.
~ Pamela Cicci, owner, Gwen’s Teas

Laura Ip is responsible, dependable, fearless, kind, intelligent and more than capable, but my biggest reason for supporting Laura is that she is running for the right reasons. She deeply cares about the well-being of the people living in Niagara, without prejudice or judgement. A vote for Laura is a vote for someone who represents YOU, someone who will listen and make herself available for discussion, someone who will stand up for what is right even when it’s not easy; someone who holds not only herself but also others accountable; someone who cares, and above all else: someone you can trust.
~ Nicole Davidson, owner, TruBore Contracting Ltd.

Honest. Direct. Capable. These are the words that come to mind when I think of Laura Ip. Laura isn’t one to just complain about something. She’s one to do something about it. This past term of regional council has been embarrassing for the whole region, and I trust Laura to come in and do something about it. Her platform is one that I believe in and can get behind. I won’t hesitate to place my vote to Reset the Region come this Election Day!
~ Ron Doi

The past term of regional council has been one of the most frustrating ones, as many of our regional councillors have displayed a shocking lack of integrity, transparency, and honesty. I’m supporting Laura Ip for Regional Council, because I trust her to act with the public good in mind. Through her advocacy for better wages and her extensive volunteer work, she has demonstrated that she cares about the less fortunate in this city and is willing to work to help them. I know she has the intelligence, dedication, and perseverance to hold Regional Council accountable to the communities it is supposed to serve.
~ Brian Gasbarini, owner, Rise Above Restaurant

Our Regional Council is in trouble. On October 22 we have a chance to fix it. We can vote. We can research the candidates who are committed to bringing responsible accountability to Regional Council. This is the #1 reason I will be voting for Laura Ip.

Take a look at her platform: “Reset the Region.” It is clear that she has a keen sense of what’s gone wrong and the ability to hit the ground running to work toward righting it. She has the courage, the
strength, and the leadership qualities we desperately need at the Region.

There is no doubt in my mind that voting for Laura Ip is a vote for better government at the Region.
~ Dr. Rosemary Hale

I met Laura through the Grimsby Chamber of Commerce and have had the pleasure of working with her on the Board and several Committees over the past 18 months. Laura is hardworking, conscientious, and puts her heart and soul into her many roles. Laura’s exceptional research skills and her drive to produce work of the highest quality make her a valued member of any team. She has a strong work ethic, as well as a strong personal code of ethics that shines through in each and every project she takes on.
~ Peggy Harnock, owner, The Social Gourmet

I’ve known Laura for nearly 25 years. She is intelligent, articulate, has a strong work ethic, and always stands up for what’s right. I fully support her run for a seat on Regional Council, and I look forward to seeing what she can do for the citizens of Niagara.
~ James Ip

We are pleased to inform you that the Niagara District CUPE Council has endorsed your candidacy in the upcoming 2018 municipal election. Not only do you share the values of the labour movement in Niagara but you also showed a strong commitment to work on addressing the key issues which are important to the residents of Niagara.
~ Niagara District CUPE Council
~ Niagara Regional Labour Council

I am excited to vote for Laura Ip to represent St. Catharines. She will give Regional Council a booster shot of integrity and will work tirelessly to ensure transparency. We need more people like her willing to stand up for what’s right.
~ Kristopher Ramsay

As a psychotherapist, I am deeply concerned about the dysfunctional behaviour displayed during meetings of our current Regional Council.

Laura Ip has promised to work toward change. Her slogan “Reset the Region” comes from her experience in government and her personal commitment to listen, work hard, and fight to restore the civility and adult leadership that our Region sorely needs.

Let’s elect Laura Ip, whose dogged determination, understanding of how government works, and passion for our region all add up to make her qualified and effective. She will inspire and spearhead a return to reason in conducting the services for the citizens, and responsible protection of our beautiful Niagara.
~ Nancy Sigafoos, M.A., Registered Psychotherapist

Laura is just the person to represent all of our interests at Regional Council for several reasons. Laura has values: she is an honest, smart, intelligent, and determined woman and is the best person to represent us at Regional Council. Laura has integrity and a strong sense of ethics and will stand up for what is right for our citizens. Focused, accountable, and an experienced communicator and orator, Niagara needs the integrity and experience Laura Ip will bring to the table.
~ Debbie Slade

I endorse Laura Ip to represent St. Catharines at Niagara Regional Council. I met Laura through work with the Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Awards when she managed her own small business. As someone who has worked as a coach and consultant for small business growth, I recognized that not only is Laura knowledgeable, a listener, and a take-action type of person, she is also committed to helping small and medium-sized business thrive in Niagara. I have also had the fortune of working with Laura on the Women in Niagara Council where she has provided valuable insight for communicating WIN’s message and structuring networking events to be of the most benefit for the women members who are business owners, managers or employees.
~ Ruth Unrau, Focus Coach

Honesty, Intelligence, and Character. I was once asked to describe my ideal Political Candidate using three words; those were them. I chose those three adjectives because that is what is lacking in politics today. We have charm, we have politicians who, quite frankly, look like politicians. However, to create profound change, we require more than the status quo. We need someone who continuously redefines the role. Someone who demands more from our governments and our citizens. We need a politician who is not afraid to push the boundaries or to question the unquestionable. We need a politician who is honest, intelligent, and has character. For those reasons alone, I am happily endorsing Laura Ip for Regional Council.
~ Sean Vanderklis

Laura is right. Regional government in Niagara needs to be re-set, and she is just the person to do this. Laura’s a proven relationship builder, an effective communicator, and has a clear focus. Laura possesses not only the critical intangible skills that are sorely lacking at the regional level and much needed in our elected representatives – integrity, transparency, and accountability – but she also has a vision to ensure that the practical needs of those living in Niagara are met. Her focus on affordable housing is vital to ensure that young families, seniors, and working people can access housing in a region with growing costs. Her focus on appropriate policing needs, such as mental health nurses, make Niagara more accessible for our most vulnerable. Regional council needs someone who can get things done while being transparent and accountable to voters, and Laura Ip is just that person.
~ Brad Walchuk

St. Catharines is lucky to have such a capable candidate for Regional Council as Laura Ip. She’s smart, caring, collaborative and dedicated. It will be absolutely critical in the next term of Council to have Councillors, such as Laura, who can exercise the diligence required to set Niagara on the right path.
~ Rob Welch

Before I joined Underdogs Boxing Club, I knew Laura Ip only by reputation – a defender of marginalized citizens, a close follower of politics at all levels, and someone deeply engaged in the community. I soon discovered there is a reason for the reputation.

When elected, Laura will hit the floor running. Because of her former position as a City of St. Catharines councillor, she will be able to transfer her knowledge of procedure to the regional council chamber. She is fully aware of current and past issues, and she will keep an eye on the budget – as the founder, president and head coach of a non-profit, she has to account for every penny, and will do so at the Region.

Laura knows that she will be serving a diverse citizen base, and she will champion Niagara residents living on the margins to ensure that their voices, and all voices, are heard.
~ Joan Wiley