ATU Local 846 Endorsement

In every single campaign, I’ve campaigned on making transit more efficient, accessible, and frequent, because I also want to use transit more often than I’m currently able to.

Now that transit is amalgamated at the Region, I think we have a better opportunity to make those improvements, provide users with consistency, all while keeping transit public.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

In 2018, one of my campaign promises was to work on getting Niagara Region to join the Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities. I accomplished that and advocated for the work to be properly resourced with a staff person and an advisory committee, rather than just being a feel-good publicity stunt.

The motion (passed unanimously) for Niagara Region to join the Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities and begin the work on making Niagara more diverse, equitable, and inclusive

In September of 2020, Niagara Region, joined by all 12 local area municipalities, signed a declaration to join and support the ten commitments of the Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities.

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Public Health

Within months of the 2018 elections of the provincial and municipal/regional governments in Ontario, the provincial government was announcing cuts to local public health programs and services and plans to reduce the number of local public health units. I brought a motion to Council in June 2019 to call on the province to delay changes to funding and to leave the number of local public health units unchanged.

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The story behind the music

I’m so not metal…and the soundtrack of my campaign video is 😂
(Sidebar: This is only interesting if you care about ‘behind the scenes’ kind of stuff.)

So, why? And what’s the deal with the title of the song?

Well, I was told that I needed a glitzy campaign video to tell my story, why I should be re-elected, and what I’ve done, but that idea didn’t sit well with me. It’s not who I am. And, when I ran it by (now) 17yo and (now) 15yo, they hated the idea of a glitzy campaign video for me.

And they asked if they could make my campaign video.

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Direct Election of the Regional Chair and Modernizing Niagara Politics

On February 20, 2020, I brought a motion to Council for the Regional Chair to be directly elected by Niagara’s electorate. Following a great deal of criticism from colleagues, including that the motion “doesn’t go far enough,” I brought the following motion to the Corporate Services Committee meeting of June 16, 2020, which incorporated much of what my colleagues raised as issues that needed to be addressed and also endeavoured to increase engagement and diversity:

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