Thank you, St. Catharines

Thank you for trusting me and having confidence in me and for demonstrating both of those things by re-electing me.

It is an interesting experience to put one’s name on a ballot and then put oneself through what is, really, a very long job interview.

For Regional Council in St. Catharines, I was the first on the ballot on May 9 (at 12:53pm, if you like precision), and I began campaigning within a few days (after setting up my campaign bank account, of course).

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Fear and loathing on the campaign trail in Niagara

Earlier today, this article was posted to the St. Catharines Standard website: Fear and loathing on the campaign trail in Niagara

I want to share this about it and my campaign experience this time around:

This campaign is the ugliest campaign I’ve ever run in (I first ran in 2006). You get used to (and you shouldn’t have to) the comments on your appearance that are meant to flatter, but really make you kind of queasy

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ATU Local 846 Endorsement

In every single campaign, I’ve campaigned on making transit more efficient, accessible, and frequent, because I also want to use transit more often than I’m currently able to.

Now that transit is amalgamated at the Region, I think we have a better opportunity to make those improvements, provide users with consistency, all while keeping transit public.