Direct Election of the Regional Chair

During the campaign, I made the following promise:

“As the Municipal Act mandates that we are to undergo a governance review in this upcoming term of Council, I will work tirelessly toward us having a directly elected Regional Chair in the 2022 election.”

Now, grab yourself a coffee or cup of tea and kick back for a bit of a lengthy read…and bonus super nerd material at the end of this post. (more…)

Hiring the next CAO

Hiring the Niagara Region’s next CAO is arguably the most important thing this Regional Council will do this term.

Would I normally say that? No, likely not. But given the fallout from the hiring of the last CAO, I’d say it’s a fair statement.


“unreasonable, unjust, and wrong”

The 2018 election campaign was different from previous election campaigns I’ve run for two reasons:

  1. Campaigning for municipal elections usually starts – or at least really ramps up – around Labour Day; and
  2. The focus of the campaign was much more on being good, honest, ethical people than it was on issues handled by municipal or regional government.