I said I wouldn’t run again

Politics is difficult.

Campaigning is difficult.

I didn’t find the work of being a Councillor – though it was short-lived – particularly difficult. In fact, I loved it.

But those first two….

So, after an unsuccessful run at a St. Catharines city council seat in 2014 (following two other campaigns in 2010 and 2006), I said I wouldn’t run again.

But here we are.

There is no question that I am passionate about serving my community and helping to make it a place that we can all be proud to call home.

The present state of politics in Niagara doesn’t make very many of us proud. I want to help change that.

I want to return us to a time when all the local paper had to report on was what road construction projects were taking place and when; what changes would be made to public health or policing; and various events.

Our political landscape shouldn’t be fodder for special investigation after special investigation so that the citizens of Niagara know what they’re paying for or what deals politicians are making on our dime. We shouldn’t be newly appalled every time another news story is written about regional politics and its many players.

In this election, citizens will have a number of candidates from whom to choose. There will be a number of us who are bright and full of integrity, passion, and energy. There will be a number of us who are interested in and willing to doing what’s right for the region and its citizens.

Politics and campaigning are difficult. When you throw your hat into this type of ring, people feel they can say anything about you, whether they know you or not; people feel that you should just grin and bear it, even though much of it is tough to bear.

That said, this is extremely important to me. The success of Niagara; the health of this community is extremely important to me.

So, please learn about all of the candidates. Please vote for better candidates.

We’re out there.

And it’s time to Reset the Region.

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