Reset the Region

What do I mean when I say it’s time to Reset the Region?

If you’re tuned into regional politics at all, I can’t imagine that you’re not angry, frustrated, or appalled (or all three!) at the behaviour of this term of regional council.

We have a regional council with several members who tried to influence (to put it mildly) how our local news is reported. We have a regional council who unlawfully seized the property of a local journalist and had him removed from a council meeting. We have a government body with regional politicians on it that sued a private citizen. We have a regional councillor who named almost every other regional councillor in a lawsuit. We have a police board who encouraged a police chief – with an $870,000 handshake – to retire early, presumably so they could hire their own police chief. We have a regional councillor who has not been to a meeting in months and who is still being paid, rather than having been reprimanded appropriately (and having his paycheques stopped) for the many egregious ways he’s disrespected citizens of Niagara and council. Expenses that have been charged back to us, the citizens, are out of control. I would be shocked if the number of complaints to various municipal integrity commissioners were not unprecedented in comparison to previous terms of council.

This term of council is not without good people. The challenge is that the ones who are doing all the damage are numerous, and it seems to they will go to any length to push through their agenda. Ethics and integrity be damned.

It’s time to Reset the Region with good, bright, ethical people who will help return us to a time when all the local paper had to write about was road construction projects, public health initiatives, and events councillors were attending. We never should have ended up in a place where special investigation after special investigation is necessary. We never should have ended up in a place where we’re all sitting and wondering what bombshell is going to drop next on how this term of regional council is mismanaging the corporation, breaking the rules, or showing a blatant disregard for the citizens of Niagara.

Help me Reset the Region.

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