Firing the CAO

EDIT: In light of the most recent article from The Standard, there is plenty of reason why this man can be fired “with cause” (which means no severance). He’s highly incompetent, broke the law, and violated the Municipal Act.

All of that said, I stand by what I’ve written below, as I neither want to see this man walk away with hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in severance nor do I want to see the Region embroiled in (and paying for) a lawsuit if Human Resources/labour lawyers are not certain he can be fired with cause and have no legitimate recourse for a lawsuit.

But, again, simply calling for his resignation not only isn’t enough. It’s ridiculous at this point.

ORIGINAL POST: I wrote this on Facebook on Saturday and feel it is important to share it here as well to ensure everyone knows my position.

Calling for D’Angelo and Caslin’s resignations isn’t enough. We know they’re not going to resign.

When have we known those who have been engaging in this kind of behaviour to do the right thing over the last four years? We haven’t.

While I would want to see the terms of his contract before making a final decision on proceeding, the CAO should be fired. The Ombudsman found that he and Caslin were the architects of the unlawful, unjust, and unreasonable seizure of a journalist’s laptop and notes and a citizen blogger’s recording device. Additionally, they violated the Municipal Act by locking the doors to the building when a meeting was in progress and they didn’t pass a motion about why they were going into closed session. That should be enough reason to fire him with cause (which means no severance payment would be required and it is unlikely he would win any lawsuit he brought against the Region for wrongful dismissal) and remove him from the position immediately.

I say I would want to see the terms of his contract before making a final decision, because I would not put it past this group to have put terms into that contract that would result in some variety of unreasonable financial payout should his term be ended early (regardless of the reason). If there is anything in that contract that could easily be fought and would result in the Region spending hundreds of thousands on a lawsuit, I would seek to keep him on staff until the end of his contract and severely limit his ability to influence or make decisions, without also giving him reason to sue for constructive dismissal.

Sadly, with many of the councillors and the staff that’s been hired by/for them, I fear it’s not as cut and dried a case as it should be.

It’s time to Reset the Region.

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