Vote for people who are actually “for Niagara”

You have an opportunity in 51 days. You have an opportunity to Reset the Region. You have an opportunity to vote for people who care about Niagara; who care about how your tax dollars are spent; who care about you.

These last four years of Regional Council and particularly what we’ve been learning over the last several months have shown us that there are several people who currently sit in Regional Council Chambers who most certainly do not have the best interests of Niagara citizens in mind. They do not care.

Last night, the St. Catharines Standard broke this story.

If you are not continuously outraged by what we’ve been learning about the CAO’s hiring process and terms of his ongoing employment, I really need to know why you’re not outraged.

We should all be furious that this is considered an effective use of our tax dollars. We should all be livid that any employee at the Region (employees – at the end of the day – who serve the citizens of Niagara) would be given this kind of sweetheart deal. We should be infuriated that a politician whose job is to represent the citizens of Niagara has zero regard for the rules by which his and Council’s actions are governed.

In 2014, the voter turnout for St. Catharines was an abysmal 34.3%. That cannot happen this time. Every eligible voter must get out and vote to Reset the Region.

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