Caslin on The Agenda

Sometimes, I go into some detail on Twitter about news articles or election issues. Because you’re not all on Twitter, I thought I’d share last night’s Twitter threads here.

After tweeting this thread, Caslin decided to respond:

Which he then followed with this:

He did not decide to respond to the rest of my tweets that followed:

As of the publishing of this blog entry, there have been no further tweets or responses in this thread. If that changes, I will update this blog entry.

On Monday, October 22, 2018, you have an opportunity to Reset the Region. With 22 candidates to choose from and up to six votes to use, you could decide on wholesale change for the St. Catharines seats or you could keep one or two of the incumbents who have not been embroiled in the poor behaviour and bad decisions and add a few new faces.

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