Municipal government should be non-partisan

And it absolutely can be.

Case in point:

One of the most common questions at the door and over the phone this campaign has been “what party do you belong to?” Sometimes, the question has been asked because the person to whom I”m speaking thinks that municipal and regional government are tied to party politics. Most often, the question has been asked because the person to whom I’m speaking is upset about the antics of this term of Regional Council and they blame it on many councillors having the same party allegiance.

Party allegiances have also become a source both of support for and criticism of some candidates: Party politics trend in local election: Candidates take risk by flying party colours, says Brock prof

Most of us know the provincial/federal party stripes of Cindy Forster and Damian Goulbourne, yet, when I worked for each of them, party politics did not enter into the decisions they and their Councils made. Nor did they enter into how I worked for each of them.

As I’ve said for years, party politics are (should be) irrelevant at Regional Council (and City Councils). At the end of the day, no party stripe is the most suitable one (or even relevant) for determining priorities with respect to road construction and maintenance, public health initiatives, waste management, seniors’ programs and services, water and wastewater management, transit, childrens’ programs and services, and so on.

At the end of the day, we all want to live in a healthy, vibrant, prosperous community, and not only is it necessary, but it’s also quite easy to make decisions about what’s best for the community without the influence of a political party philosophy.

It’s time to Reset the Region and elect people who are independent or can place party allegiances aside to make the best decisions for the citizens of Niagara.

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