Thank you

Dear St. Catharines:

Thank you.

I am humbled. I am honoured. I am grateful.

Thank you for trusting me; for believing in me.

Every day, from the day I filed my papers, I worked hard for this, and I am beyond thrilled to have been given the privilege to represent you at Niagara Regional Council.

As hard as I worked (and as hard as so many people who supported me worked), I didn’t know what to expect last night.

I started out the night second to Jim Bradley. Then, George Darte pulled ahead of me. Then, Sandie Bellows pulled ahead of me. Even when CKTB and everyone in the room with me was calling it, I was still quietly standing at the laptop, watching the results, saying, “No. We have to wait until ALL of the polls are in.”

Election campaigns are very time-consuming, very labour-intensive job interviews (with a lot of walking), and I am excited to get to work for you.

I promise that I will work hard for you.

I promise that I will stand up for what’s right.

I promise that I will be accessible to you.

I promise that I will be accountable to you.

I promise that I will follow through on every single one of the promises I made during my campaign.

Thank you for believing in me to Reset the Region and electing others to work alongside me who also believe we need to Reset the Region.

I truly cannot thank you enough.


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