Hiring the next CAO

Hiring the Niagara Region’s next CAO is arguably the most important thing this Regional Council will do this term.

Would I normally say that? No, likely not. But given the fallout from the hiring of the last CAO, I’d say it’s a fair statement.

At yesterday’s Corporate Services Committee meeting, we continued to discuss the policy and procedures that Niagara Region’s Human Resources department has developed for the hiring of the next CAO.

Staff has done some excellent work in this regard, and whilst I think we have to be careful not to overcorrect (e.g., having all of Council – 32 people – see every resume of every applicant for the position), we want to ensure that the process is as tight as possible.

Committee wants strict approach in hiring new Region CAO
‘This is the next step … in resetting the Region and moving us forward,’ says chairman

Also, heh, ‘Reset the Region‘ was my campaign slogan. 😀

Here is the video (start at approximately 18:35) of the February 12 Corporate Services Committee meeting where I kick off the discussion about mandatory attendance and several of my colleagues and I discuss and direct how to move forward for the February 20 Council meeting.

There is not a single screen grab of me from that video where I’m not using my hands while speaking….

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