Integrity and Transparency

This campaign is my fifth election campaign. Yes, I ran three times for City Council and then – when I was convinced I was never going to do it again – I ran a fourth time. My fourth run was for Regional Council, and the decision to run came after Regional Council spent four solid years (2014-2018) engaging in what I’ll just call extremely problematic behaviour and decision-making. (Also my father-in-law had been telling me for years that I should run for Regional, rather than City, Council).

The 2018 election campaign for Regional Council was the first time I felt it necessary to run on integrity and transparency, and I know it is my reputation for these two traits that got me elected to Regional Council.

In the three previous campaigns, I would see candidates bandying about these words – integrity, transparency, accountability, honesty – but I refused to, because I really felt they should be givens and not something on which to be campaigning.

But, again, then the 2014-2018 term of Regional Council happened.

As a Councillor, I have communicated openly and honestly at all times about issues and decisions that have come before Council. Sometimes, people haven’t liked what I’ve communicated, but there’s no dispute that it’s always been honest. I not only commit to continuing to do so, but also to continue to hold my colleagues accountable for their communication about Regional issues and in their roles as Councillors.

Working with integrity and transparency is why I brought forward, among other things, the need to tighten up the Expense Policy for Regional Councillors and staff, improving the Code of Conduct for Councillors, and the implementation of a Lobbyist Registry.

In addition to having been a Regional Councillor since 2018 and a City Councillor in 2014, I have worked in government relations (serving the Region and several municipalities), for the City of Welland, and am certified by the AMCTO in Municipal Administration. I know full well how important transparency and integrity are to the effective management of a municipal government.

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