Twenty-two years. Five campaigns. That’s how long I’ve either been actively working on an integrated and amalgamated transit system for Niagara or campaigning on it.

I am thrilled that – finally – after more than 20 years of political and community advocacy work, Niagara has agreed to integrate and amalgamate transit throughout Niagara. I was also part of two committees (Linking Niagara Transit Committee and Chair of the Accessibility Advisory Committee) that brought on-demand transit to west Niagara municipalities.

An efficient, reliable, integrated transit system has been a long time coming in Niagara, and while we’re making headway, it has taken us far too long, and we’re still developing a system that makes it possible for people to rely on transit.

We need a robust transit system that gets people around the Niagara region in an efficient manner. Buses need to run frequently and regularly throughout the day, evening, and on weekends. We need transit that is effective at getting people to work, school, medical appointments, shopping, or wherever they want to go without having to plan excessive additional time to get to and from their destinations.

We need traditional and on-demand transit that is fully accessible and integrated with GO train and bus service, as well as with active transportation options and networks.

I am committed to continuing to work to make transit more accessible throughout the Niagara region.

We have been working on integrated, amalgamated, and fully accessible transit in Niagara for more than 20 years. We've finally made some meaningful progress

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