Thank you, St. Catharines

Thank you for trusting me and having confidence in me and for demonstrating both of those things by re-electing me.

It is an interesting experience to put one’s name on a ballot and then put oneself through what is, really, a very long job interview.

For Regional Council in St. Catharines, I was the first on the ballot on May 9 (at 12:53pm, if you like precision), and I began campaigning within a few days (after setting up my campaign bank account, of course).

I watched with interest as 16 other candidates joined the race while I began designing and ordering campaign literature, posting to my website, and making videos. I reached out to people to contribute to my campaign with dollars and their time, because no one can do this (effectively) alone.

While juggling a full-time job, continuing to represent you at Regional Council, running a boxing club, and – of course – parenting the two most incredible teenagers on the planet, I worked on this campaign.
(Sidebar: I am also homeschooling my kids, and let me just tell you that the past several months have provided them with lots of lessons about civics; a great deal of time for experimenting with video producing and editing; and all that walking they did with me certainly counts as phys ed.)

I worked to earn your vote.

I wrote a lot of blog posts and social media content.

I answered a lot of e-mails and surveys.

I made some videos.

I walked a lot. I went through a lot of band aids for my poor feet, even with wearing proper shoes for all that walking.

The last four years were not especially easy for me. There was a lot of unnecessary unpleasantness that I was forced to deal with. When it came right down to it, though, I ran again, because I accomplished a lot in my first term and I enjoy doing the actual work of being a Regional Councillor.

I don’t anticipate that the next four years are going to be especially easy for me either. I anticipate – particularly given some of the things that happened during the campaign – that there will continue to be a lot of unnecessary unpleasantness that I will be forced to deal with.

But I will take heart in knowing that you put your trust and confidence in me and re-elected me with 1,100 more votes than I earned in 2018. I will take heart in knowing that you chose me to be one of the people to represent you; to make decisions on your behalf.

I will take heart in knowing that I came second only to Jim Bradley, which – in St. Catharines – is like coming first, right? 😉😁

From the bottom of my heart, St. Catharines, thank you.

The full results of the Mayoral and Regional Council races in St. Catharines

2 thoughts on “Thank you, St. Catharines

  1. Congratulations Laura! The people of St Catharines have spoken and all of your hard work has paid off. Wishing you all the best and much success with your new term!


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