Golden Parachute

Last week, after we learned Chair Caslin extended the CAO’s contract without consulting Council, I wrote this post about the Chair’s ability (or lack thereof) to make these kinds of decisions.

This evening, we learned that – in addition to extending the CAO’s contract for the optional two years that were already in the contract, plus an additional year that he just decided “made sense” – he also changed the terms of the contract to provide the CAO with a golden parachute. According to this story in the St. Catharines Standard, the CAO is not entitled to a full year’s salary — $230,000 — if the Council of 2022 doesn’t renew his contract.

I am not a lawyer, but I am very familiar with the Municipal Act and have some general knowledge around these kinds of matters. I can’t imagine that the contract made between the Chair and CAO is anything other than null and void. Chair Caslin has no more power to be making these kinds of decisions and changing term of previously voted on contracts than I do to sell your house out from under you.

I don’t know who these men and those who support them think they are, but this is outrageous. Honestly, if you’re not outraged by this, please tell me why.

We have to wonder what’s in it for them? What else is going on that we haven’t yet found out? What kind of mess are they leaving for the next term of Council to clean up?

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