58 days to go and a request

Representing the City of St. Catharines at the dedication of Lou Cahill Way. I worked with Lou Cahill at what used to be OEB International (now Enterprise Canada).

The countdown is officially on.

There are 58 days to go and a whole lot of ground to cover, and – come October 22 – we won’t even fully understand how we managed to get it all done.

The support I’ve received so far and the requests for signs and offers to volunteer are incredible. I have more than 200 sign requests that I and my – small but mighty – team are still working to fulfill, and the requests just keep rolling in.

Here’s where I’m hoping you can help:

Campaigns are expensive to run.

I am working hard to raise as much money as I can, because I’m not in a position – as a mom to two (far too rapidly) growing children (you should see how much my 13yo eats now!) who runs a non-profit boxing club on a volunteer basis while continuing to build a freelance practice – to finance my campaign myself. Honestly, I don’t even think candidates should be permitted to finance the bulk or entirety of their campaigns, because if a candidate if going to represent the people, they should go into that position already having the support of the people they will be representing.

Without the help of citizens, the seats in Council chambers are left only for a very small and particular segment of the population. Whilst we definitely need some of those people at the table, we also need a broader cross-section of the community to be represented.

A further challenge (but I wouldn’t have it any other way) is that I am completely independent. Where other candidates have human, financial, or other resources through political party connections, I do not. I’m no stranger to hard work (I welcome it, in fact), and should I earn the privilege to represent the people of St. Catharines at Regional Council, the campaign will have been that much more rewarding because it was powered by me, my family and friends, and the citizens of St. Catharines, rather than a party machine with an agenda.

Can you help with the cost of the campaign?

There are several ways to make a financial contribution and I am completely serious when I say that no amount is too small. Can only spare $5? That buys a sign or helps me advertise on social media or pays for 100 pieces of literature.

You can write a cheque to: Laura Ip for Regional Council, and I can arrange to pick it up (maybe at the same time I deliver an election sign for your front lawn?);
You can send an e-transfer to: laura@lauraip.ca; or
You can contribute through PayPal: paypal.me/ResetTheRegion

So, what do you say? Can you help? Can you help to Reset the Region?

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