Voting ‘Strategies’

With advance polling underway, there will be even more talk about how to vote in order to get the most desired result.

Do we clean ’em out? Do we keep a few? How much new blood should there be? How do we get the ones we really want?

Here’s what your ballot will look like in St. Catharines, with the number of candidate names for City Councillor varying depending on the ward in which you live:

There will be a push from some candidates to do what’s called “plunking” the vote. They will ask you to vote only for them, rather than use your maximum number of votes in each ‘category’ on your ballot.

What I would like to encourage you to do is to vote for only as many candidates as you feel is appropriate.

Shared with permission

With the Regional Council race, specifically, you will have 23 names on the ballot (though only 22 candidates to choose from, as Mr. Allan has withdrawn from the race).

One of the most common things I hear at the door is, “but I don’t know who they all are.” Which – with that many names on the ballot and candidates’ very different styles of campaigning – is understandable.

So, to help ensure we don’t end up in a similar situation to the one we’re in now, I’ve been encouraging people to vote for only the candidates they know.

Only vote for the candidates to whom you’ve spoken. Only vote for the candidates who have answered your e-mails or Facebook messages or interacted with you on Twitter. Only vote for the candidates you like and trust and respect. Only vote for the candidates you are confident have the best interests of Niagara citizens in mind.

You get to vote for up to six candidates for Regional Council in St. Catharines. You are not obligated to vote for six.

So, if there is only one candidate you really like or who you really want to win, then definitely “plunk” your vote and only vote for that candidate. If there are four, vote for four. If there are two or five, vote for two or five. You get what I’m saying.

Just, please, do not walk into that voting booth and vote for people simply because you recognize their name.

We need to Reset the Region, and we can do that through informed voting.

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