The billboards

In the last few weeks, I’ve received several questions about the billboards.

The main question is about how I could possibly afford them if I am, in fact, not funded by people who might also fund some of the most problematic regional councillors we currently have and some of the candidates who have been tapped to try to take the place of those councillors who won’t be re-elected.

I know precisely where the rumour initially started, and I understand and respect the concern of the people who have raised the question since then.

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Keeping with my long-standing position about the importance of communication, I have no problem at all answering the question, because there’s nothing to hide. In fact, the answer is quite boring.

Hard work.

That’s the answer.

I am able to afford the billboards, because I have been working hard every single day since I filed my nomination papers (May 7). Hard work is just what I do.

As a successful fundraiser for YWCA Niagara Region and to open the volunteer-run, non-profit Underdogs Boxing Club, I worked equally hard to raise funds for my campaign.

I am fortunate that so many people believe in me, my candidacy, and my ability to make a difference on Regional Council, and they have showed that support – in part – by making financial contributions to my campaign.

To date, I have roughly 120 contributors, and the average contribution is $104. My father-in-law and a long-time (40 years) professional colleague of his made the largest contributions. The rest of them came through me working as hard as I always do to encourage people to contribute. Several contributed specifically with the intent that I would use the money for billboards, because – in municipal elections – the name recognition hurdle is significant.

You’re always going to get open, honest communication from me. I will always be accountable and act with integrity. These are not new things for me. They are the traits we need to Reset the Region.

2 thoughts on “The billboards

  1. I can certainly attest to Laura’s work ethic with regards to campaigning and fundraising. She was one of the first candidates I know of out asking questions and establishing a detailed work plan. I think this will translate well to the type of work she will do as a regional councillor.


  2. Laura approached me in May, letting me know she was running for the region council position and to ask if I would contribute to her campaign. Of course I did. As her previous employer at the YWCA Niagara Region I can attest to the hard work she does, I saw her work tirelessly every day and I have no doubt she would work just as tirelessly as a councillor.


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